Mechanical Broom Street Sweepers

Mechanical Broom Street Sweepers from Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co.

2700 Paxton St Harrisburg, PA 17111

Company Profile
We make 6 models of Starfire mechanical broom street sweepers in 4, 4.5. 5 and 6 yd³ hopper capacities. 2 models are mounted on NON-CDL chassis, and 2 are available in PTO-driven, single-engine versions.

Mechanical broom sweepers are especially when it comes to sweeping clean a wide variety and sizes of debris commonly found on construction sites, in city gutters, and along county/state highways. Brooms sweep up larger, bulkier debris that routinely clog their regenerative air and straight vacuum counterparts. Broom sweepers are also quieter to operate and offer high-dump debris disposal as standard equipment. Finally, brooms do not rely on high air volume to pick up debris. This means their internal components are not subject to the same sand blasting effects that gradually wear away regenerative or vacuum alternatives.

Though model sizes differ to fit different sized chassis, all share a high percentage of parts compatibility. This helps us ensure the high level of parts availability our customers have come to expect.


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