MagnaShear Motor Brakes Featuring Oil Shear Technology Last longer

MagnaShear Motor Brakes Featuring Oil Shear Technology Last longer from Force Control Industries

3660 Dixie Highway Fairfield, OH 45014

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Require no Adjustment, and no Regular Maintenance for Years.
MagnaShear oil shear motor brakes from Force Control Industries are ideal for mining applications because they eliminate normal maintenance, require no adjustment, and last up to 10-times longer than standard brakes.
High grade castings, marine duty coatings, stainless steel fasteners and accessories make these brakes the ideal solution for underground and above ground mining applications such as cranes, winches, capstans, conveyors, hoists, loaders, un-loaders, and more.
Oil Shear Technology is the reason that brakes by Force Control do not need maintenance, adjustment, disc replacement, and last up to 10 times longer than standard brakes.
Oil Shear Technology is the function of a boundary layer of transmission fluid in shear between the friction disc and drive plate. As the parts come together the fluid under shear will transmit torque between the two parts as well as absorb heat. This heat is then taken away from the friction surface to the housing to be dissipated.
Totally enclosed MagnaShear brakes are impervious to moisture, dirt and dust, and salt water common in mining applications. They are available in spring set torque ratings from 3 to 1250 foot-pounds, and feature “quick Mount” to NEMA 56 to 449 motor frames.


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